Act 1 Scene 2: Taking to the Hunt

In the confusion several things happen at once.

Ofriox slides over towards what is presumed to be the cats owner. He telepathic sending is registered by all in the room. "Who are those men, and who are you? If we chase after your cat how will we find you again? Do you have any tokens or information that will help make the hunt a short one, and what will you offer if we are successful? Speak quickly!"

Drift charges out into the street calling for his comrades to follow him. Vyu and Soekkiu rave after Drift. Iwan launches into the air and follows watches Drift from above.

Anibka slowly looks over the damage done to her common room. She gathers some supplies and heads towards the door. She is watching Bremi and trying to read his reaction to the damage done to the inn. After a few moments She move to the door.

McKinley watches Anibka go over the battle scars on the walls as he strides to the bar and finishes his drink. He drops a coin down on the bar "Here you are barkeep. Keep the change. Bless you and your fine ale!" He turns, heads for the door first grumbling "Here we go again." He sees Anibka striding out the door and shouts "Anibka don't forget me!"

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