AFL Week 9

Reuslts for Week 8:
Wow... I have managed to sink even further. I went 4 and 5 last week bringing my year to date record for this season to: 40 and 30. Only 2 more weeks until I drop below 500 for the season. The only high point for me last week was that I picked the Dallas loss correctly.

Here are last weeks results with my picks in bold.
Philadelphia Soul 21 Columbus Destroyers 44
Los Angeles Avengers 49 San Jose SaberCats 73
New Orleans VooDoo 38 Austin Wranglers 45
Kansas City Brigade 40 Nashville Kats 49
Chicago Rush 75 Grand Rapids Rampage 54
Dallas Desperados 63 Georgia Force 78
Las Vegas Gladiators 53 Colorado Crush 63
Arizona Rattlers 83 Utah Blaze 69
New York Dragons 47 Orlando Predators 52

Predictions for Week 9

This looks like a week where the power teams push for bigger separation form the pack teams. Georgia and Dallas look to take a stranglehold in their divisional races. While Utah and Chicago try to pull away from the pack.

Colorado Crush (5-3) at Kansas City Brigade (4-3)
The Crush win at Kansas City putting pressure on the Rush in the central division.

Georgia Force (7-1) at New Orleans VooDoo (4-4)
Georgia wins easily putting themselves 4 games ahead of the second place team in the southern division.

Nashville Kats (4-4) at Dallas Desperados (7-1)
Dallas comes of their first loss with a big win at home. Like Georgia they will have a comfortable lead in the eastern division.

Arizona Rattlers (2-6) at New York Dragons (1-6)
New York wins, which should make me feel better about things in general

Grand Rapids Rampage (2-5) at Los Angeles Avengers (3-4)
Los Angeles loses another game to an opponent they should be able to beat.

Utah Blaze (5-3) at San Jose SaberCats (4-3)
San Jose defeats the Blaze to make the western division the closest race in the league.

Columbus Destroyers (4-3) at Tampa Bay Storm (1-6)
Tampa continues to struggle and Columbus tries to keep the playoffs in sight.

Orlando Predators (4-3) at Las Vegas Gladiators (1-7)
Orlando win in Vegas but are still need some help if they plan to catch Georgia.

Philadelphia Soul (4-3) at Chicago Rush (6-1)
The Rush put a big beatdown on Philly at home giving Philly its 4 loss in a row after starting the season 4 and 0.

Austin Wranglers (3-5) get the bye


World of Warcraft Demo on Free Comic Book Day

Jay over at Happy Harbor Comics has a great line up of events for Free Comic Book Day. Included will be demos for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

There will be costumed characters you can get your picture taken with, local artists doing custom portraits and live professional wrestling.

I will be there running the demos for WoW and James Klatt will be teaching Heroclix as well.

I have to say I am quite excited to be part of what looks to be a pretty entertaining day.


Week 8 - Arena Football

I don't have a lot to say about last week, a quick review game by game;

Philadelphia Soul 41 Dallas Desperados 51
Me - Desperadoes (1-0) vs. Chris - Desperadoes (1-0)

Las Vegas Gladiators 68 Georgia Force 69
Me - Force (2-0) vs. Chris - Force (2-0)

Colorado Crush 49 New York Dragons 48
Me - Crush (3-0) vs. Chris - Crush (3-0)

Nashville Kats 62 Arizona Rattlers 36
Me - Kats (4-0) vs. Chris - Rattlers (3-1)

Grand Rapids Rampage 41 Kansas City Brigade 52
Me - Brigade (5-0) vs. Chris - Rampage (3-2)

Tampa Bay Storm 37 Orlando Predators 61
Me - Storm (5-1) vs. Chris - Storm (3-3)

Austin Wranglers 49 Columbus Destroyers 72
Me - Wranglers (5-2) vs. Chris - Wranglers (3-4)

Los Angeles Avengers 63 Utah Blaze 76
Me - Avengers (5-3) vs. Chris - Blaze (4-4)

San Jose SaberCats 54 New Orleans VooDoo 67
Me - SabreCats (5-4) vs. Chris - SabreCats (4-5)

So I went 5-4 again and my season record is now 36 and 24 or 60%. Chris went 4-5. This week I am just going to pick the games, I am not going to read the power poll, the expert picks, or the what to expect articles. I need to get myself out of this slump.

New York Dragons (1-5) at Orlando Predators (3-3)
The Predators are happy to see a struggling Dragons team visit Florida as they have stumbled after a string start and need to pick up some wins in the next few weeks to get back into the playoff hunt. The Dragons play well but lose again and the Predators pull themselves back above 500.

Arizona Rattlers (1-6) at Utah Blaze (5-2)
Arizona will continue to struggle and the Blaze will pull farther ahead in the western division standings.

Las Vegas Gladiators (1-6) at Colorado Crush (4-3)
There seems to be quite a few games like this one. A struggling team like the Gladiators take on a Crush team that needs a win to push for the playoffs - and the struggling team here will lose - giving the Crush a much needed win in the tight central division.

Chicago Rush (5-1) at Grand Rapids Rampage (2-4)
Chicago comes off the bye and visits Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is a team that really needs a win to try to turn the season around but they will fall to the powerful running offense of the Chicago Rush.

Dallas Desperados(7-0) at Georgia Force (6-1)
This is a big game and could decide home field advantage in the playoffs. I am going to pick Dallas to finally lose a game.

Kansas City Brigade (4-2) at Nashville Kats (3-4)
Nashville absolutely needs to win this game if they want to have even a faint hope at the playoffs. Chicago, Kansas City, and Colorado all have better records in the central division. Kansas City has been playing very well this year and Nashville will lose again at home this week.

New Orleans VooDoo (4-3) at Austin Wranglers (2-5)
The VooDoo go to Texas and beat the Wranglers.

Los Angeles Avengers (3-3) at San Jose SaberCats (3-3)
Sombody leaves San Jose with a winning record and will pull into second place in the western division behind Utah. The Avengers look to get revenge on a San Jose team who visited LA in week one and left with a victory. I'll give the Avengers the edge here and pick them to defeat San Jose.

Philadelphia Soul(4-2) at Columbus Destroyers (3-3)
I'll take Philly to get back in the win Column in this important divisional game as both the Soul and Columbus try to keep pace with the powerhouse Dallas Depserados.

Tampa Bay Storm (1-6) have the bye this week


Warlock Pets: Old School vs. New School

I am going to focus on the Warlock pets for the World of Warcraft trading card game. The Heros of Azeroth provided 4 pets (Grimdron, Helwen, Infernal, and Sarmoth) and Dark Portal gives the Warlock 3 more (Doomguard, Morfiel, Piztog).

First I'll give a quick overview of the cards:
Old School
Grimdron - a 1 cost pet with 0 Attack and 1 Health. Grimdron is elusive and has the ability to exhaust to deal 1 damage to a target hero or ally.
A pretty useful small ally that I did not play a lot He was generally pushed out of my deck by removal abilities like Shadow Bolt and Vanquish. Can be a powerful card when facing a weenie rush as he will destroy Apprentice Teep, Vesh'ral, and Leeroy Jenkins.

Helwen a 4 cost pet with 2 Attack and 2 Health. Here ability is to exhaust and take control of an ally. Helwen is a very powerful card especially if you can get her into a party that contains Mezzik Darkspark. Using her ability to take control of an opponents ally. Use it to attack and then destroy the ally with Mezzik. She is difficult to keep in play with only 2 Health.

Infernal - a 6 cost pet that was the rare card included in the warlock starter deck. This 6 Attack and 6 Health ally is a massive beast that also deals 1 damage to all opposing allies. When I first built warlock decks this was my victory condition. When he hits the borad you are looking at a 2 for 1 exchange or better for your opponent to remove him.

Sarmoth - a 3 cost ally and the best protector in the game. Sarmoth has 1 Attack and 5 Health and if an opponent can attack Sarmoth they must attack Sarmoth. This little voidwalker can buy you a turn or more to build up. I can't think of the last time I built a warlock deck without 4 Sarmoths incuded.

New School
Doomguard - A 7 cost ally that is a true beast. 8 Attack and 8 Health and destroys a target opposing ally at the end of your turn. The downside of this is that you destroy a friendly character in your party when the Doomguard enters play. This is another potential victory condition.

Morfiel - a 4 cost with 4 Attack and 4 Health. While in play Morfiel forces opposing players to pay 1 extra resource for abilities. A 4/4 ally is pretty good and the added control benefits. Add a Morfiel to a pair of Curse of Tongues as your opponent is looking at a 3 resource penalty to play abilities.

Piztog - a 1 cost, 0 Attack and 2 Health pet. Piztog buffs other allies in your party with +1 Health. The same benefit that Nerra Lifeboon grants for the Alliance but much cheaper. Like Grimdron he is also elusive and can make a difference against rush decks.

On the surface the old school seems to have the advantage here. Sarmoth is a must have in every warlock deck. Helwen is more likely to show up in Alliance builds. Infernal will appear in many decks. Grimdron will show in some decks but not a majority. The new school has Piztog that, like Grimdron, is not going to appear in many decks. Morfiel will likely appear in more decks than Helwen. The big hitter from the new school is Doomguard and the possibility of self desctruction when the card enters play will mean he doesn't show up in as many decks as he would otherwise.

I put Sarmoth by himself - this card is too good and will not be replaced by a card in the new set. Sarmoth is the best tank ally in the game everything must attack him and even though he does only 1 damage per attack his 5 health means that of the 202 allies in the game only 37 have the 5+ Attack value to defeat him without help (this does not include allies like Stitches or Tewa Wildmane that might have a high enough attack value). And unlike protectors he doesn't have to be ready to stop an attack.

The other 6 cards can be paired together in 3 sets. Early game (Grimdron vs Piztog), mid game (Helwen vs Morfiel) and late game (Infernal vs Doomguard).

Grimdron vs Piztog
Both these little imps cost 1 resource to bring into your party. While a +1 Health buff to your other allies is an excellent effect, Piztog is not a game breaker in any deck. Were you able to bring in multiple pets his +1 buff would be very powerful indeed but because you can not stack his effect it limits his effectiveness in the game. One thing he will do is keep Vesh'ral and Apprentice Teep from being destroyed by a Frost Nova. Grimdron seems to be the better of the two early game pets. He is very fragile with only 1 health but he can take out a lot of early game allies and he has a chance at destroying a Searing Totem if he is on the field before the totem is played. I am not a fan of either Grimdron or Piztog, I have to give the edge to Grimdron as he has an small outside chance of getting into my side deck.

Helwen vs Morfiel
Helwen is a great ally, if you can protect her for a turn, and you can get control of a good ally, and you can then use that ally against your opponent. Too many conditions. If I play Helwen turn 4. Turn 5 I take control of an Ally. Turn 6 I can use the ally to attack. By turn 7 or 8 the game is usually getting close to completion. So if the controlled ally is destroyed on turn 6, I need to capture another ally turn 7 and then hope to use it on turn 8. I think her power is great but takes too long to have an effect. If I can capture ferocious allies or have other tools like Into the Fray, Mezzik Darkspark, or Sever the Cord she becomes a bit more useful as I can use her each turn past turn 5. Morfiel also costs 4, but with 4 health is a lot tougher than Helwen and its effect comes into play immediately and remains in effect until Morfiel is destroyed. Having your opponent pay extra for abilities is a good effect but really the effect of Morfiel is to force your opponent to play a turn or more behind you. On turn 5 you can play a 5 resource ability but your oppoent is forced to wait for turn 6 - the effect is multiplied if they failed to drop a resource on one of the early turns. I have played Helwen in a Mezzik Darkspark combo deck but I will give hte edge to Morfiel as i can see this pet sneaking into quite a few of my warlock builds.

Infernal vs Doomguard
Infernal was my favorite card early on. I liked the area of effect damage dealt at the end of each turn and with a 6 attack value and Radak Doombringer's flip power you can deal 12 damage in a single turn. With 6 Health he is pretty much guaranteed to be a 2 for 1 exchange and with 6 Attack he can take out almost anything. His only drawbacks were a high resource cost of 6 and a potentially high upkeep cost - discard one card or he his given to another player. Late game the upkeep payment for Infernal can be a bit of a problem but if this is your winning condition you should be able to hold onto him long enough to win the game. Doomguard is more expensive at 7 resources but his payment cost can be devastating. When Doomguard enters play a random friendly character is destroyed. This could include your hero ending the game with a loss. If your hero survives the processes you get a monster 8 Attack and 8 Health ally in play that destroys target ally at the end of your turn. I will probably split deck space between Infernal and Doomguard and will add in a few more little allies to help increase the odds of surviving playing Doomguard.

When I started looking at the Warlock pets I was thinking I would have to conclude with who "wins" old school with Sarmoth and Infernal or new school with Morfiel and Doomguard. Now that I have spent some time looking at these pets the winner is the warlock class. Anyone who wants to play a warlock can build a pretty effective deck. Rush decks with Sarmoth and Grimdron and Piztog. Control decks with Sarmoth and Morfiel and Helwen. A power beat down with Sarmoth and Infernal and Doomguard. The big conclusion I have found is that Sarmoth is the best pet getting the player at worst a one card and one turn advantage and potentially mush more. So for the warlock heroes out there, use your pets wisely.

Note: I have reviewed the cards linked in this article on tNook. If you disagree with my assessments, feel free to post your own reviews of the cards on tNook and post a response here telling me how wrong I am.


Google "Office"

I have been using Google docs since it was Writely. I am starting to put more and more of my documents into Google docs.

Although I still use Open Office for many docs, I try and use Google for as many applications as I can. The functionality for the documents in Google Docs is growing and they recently added charts to the spreadsheets.

As more tools and features are added to the "web 2.0" tools there is less and less reason from me to have a USB drive and thick client applications.

I plan to use Google Docs for NaNoWriMo again this year and tonight I will more a few more open office spreadsheets up to Gogole as the charts can now be built online.


Arena League - Week 7. The week I hide my shame

Last week after going 2 weeks for a combined total of 10 - 8 I decided to have a little fun and make my picks then flip a coin and see who is smarter - me or a coin.

A quick breakdown - head to "heads or tails":
Columbus Destroyers 51 at Dallas Desperados 53
My Pick: Dallas (1-0) vs Coin picks: Dallas (1-0)

Utah Blaze 64 at Austin Wranglers
My Pick: Wranglers (2-0) vs Coin Picks: Wranglers (2-0)

Arizona Rattlers 45 at Los Angeles Avengers 64
My Pick: Rattlers (2-1) vs Coin Picks: Avengers (3-0)
Great the might coin pulls ahead of me...

Colorado Crush 44 at San Jose SaberCats 72
The Crush visit California and get a much needed win in San Jose.
My Pick: Crush(2-2) vs Coin Picks: Crush (3-1)

New York Dragons 53 at Grand Rapids Rampage 66
My Pick: Dragons (2-3) vs Coin Picks: Grand Rapids (4-1)
I would be embarrassed but it is a remarkably bright coin.

New Orleans VooDoo 43 at Tampa Bay Storm 66
The struggling storm find a way to defeat the visiting VooDoo.
My Pick: Storm (3-3) vs Coin Picks: VooDoo (4-2)

Chicago Rush 66 at Nashville Kats 54
My Pick: Rush (4-3) vs Coin Picks: Nashville (4-3)
Peanut Butter Jelly time! I get back even with the coin!

Kansas City Brigade 65 at Las Vegas Gladiators 31
The Gladiators will be able to handle the Brigade at hope to pull back to 500 on the year.
My Pick: Gladiators (4-4) vs Coin Picks: Galdiators (4-4)

Georgia Force 57 at Philadelphia Soul 49
My Pick: Force (5-4) vs Coin Picks: Soul (4-5)
So after a weekend of pretty good football ruined for me because of the fear of being out done by a quarter I end up with the same crap-tacular record of 5 and 4 sinking my season of mediocrity to 31 and 19.

So how bad will it be THIS week? This week a friend of mine who doesn't watch or follow arena league has agreed to make his picks.

My picks for the week
San Jose SaberCats (4-1) at New Orleans VooDoo (2-4)
The VooDoo started string but are struggling now. San Jose visits the big easy and wins the game.
Me: San Jose vs Chris: San Jose

Los Angeles Avengers (2-3) at Utah Blaze (4-2)
The Avengers put up 64 last week against a weak Rattlers team. I will call for the upset and give a third loss to Utah.
Me: Avengers vs Chris: Utah

Austin Wranglers (3-3) at Columbus Destroyers (1-4)
Austin comes to Ohio and beats the Destroyers - after losing last week to Dallas and this week to Austin many Columbus fans start to say bad things about Texas.
Me: Austin vs Chris: Austin

Tampa Bay Storm (1-5) at Orlando Predators (3-2)
In a rematch of a game from week 1. In week on the Predators took it to the Storm and won easily. This week the Predators will win again but the Storm keep it closer.
Me: Storm vs Chris: Tampa

Grand Rapids Rampage (2-3) at Kansas City Brigade (3-2)
Grand Rapids beat New York last week. This week they face a much better team in the Brigade. The Brigade, coming off a big win in Las Vegas will be more than the Rampage can handle. Kansas City come out with another big win.
Me: Kansas City vs Chris: Grand Rapids

Nashville Kats (2-4) at Arizona Rattlers (1-5))
Early in the season I though the Rattlers would be in the pack by mid season but they have struggled to put up wins. Nashville who is also having a poor season gets what it needs a trip to the desert and a win.
Me: Nashville vs Chris: Arizona

Colorado Crush (3-3) at New York Dragons (1-4)
My woeful Dragons serve up another win to a visiting team.
Me: Crush vs Chris: Colorado

Las Vegas Gladiators (2-4) at Georgia Force (5-1)
The Gladiators lost last week to the Brigade and there fortunes will not be any better against the powerful Force. Georgia continues to chase Dallas for the league's best record.
Me: Force vs Chris: Georgia

Philadelphia Soul (4-1) at Dallas Desperados (6-0)
I had circled this game as a potential loss for Dallas but after the play of Philly last week I have to once again play it safe and pick the dominant Desperados. Some one will beat Dallas this year but I don't think it will be the Soul.
Me: Dallas vs Chris: Dallas

Chicago Rush (5-1) have the bye

tNook - Trade Anything With Anyone

I am really excited about tNook (disclosure - I am good friends with and I am related to the owner). I have been working with it for over 6 months and it seems to me to be an interesting and effective means to track and trade your collection online.

I only use one tNook - World of Warcraft Trading Cards, but there are currently five tNooks:
Comic Books
Wizkids Pirates
World of Warcraft
and more tNooks are coming. You can also request a new tNook if the one you want is not there.

I have been posting reviews here and on tNook reviews for cards in the Heros of Azeroth set for the card game. I am going to continue to review cards and items on tNook. And if anyone doesn't like my tNook reviews they can always post their own as any tNook member can post reviews and rating for items on tNook. Here I am going to change and start posting a regular post called Old School and New School. These posts will continue to reference reviews that I will be posting on the tNook site but they will combine a couple of related cards together and review not only the card but a look at a comparison in the cards. For the most part the reviews on tNook will focus on the cards while the posts here will discuss and compare similar powers and effects from one set to the next.

I primarily use tNook to keep track of what I have in my collection, in what I want, and what I am willing to trade. Right now with the release of the Dark Portal set for World of Warcraft I am busy updating my collection and adding all the new cards into my collection. I am also reviewing what I want to put up for trade and what I need to list in my wants. One great feature is the tNook match. Each night tNook looks to see who has items for trade that I have listed in my wants. This is a great tool for me so I do not have to constantly look for people that have added new items to their trade list. I can also manually run this matching process afcter I have added items to my trade or want list.

I am constantly amazed at the implementation from the tNook team. I make comments about the interface and in a week or less in some cases the changes are in place and ready to use.

The only down side I can find in the site is that there are not enough people using it for World of Warcraft. I think there are only 5 people with their World of Warcraft cards in the system - but that is most likely because World of Warcraft is new, the more established tNooks like Comics and HeroClix have more users and more traffic. So go and sign up, put in your cards and lets get trading!


Kurt is up in Heaven now

I just read a post that shocked me. I was looking at Indexed and I thought that Jessica Hagy had captured perfectly the wit of Kurt Vonnegut. I tagged the post and moved on. Then I started to notice that in my RSS reader there were a number of Vonnegut posts and references.
I knew it wasn't Mr. Vonnegut's birthday so I was a bit surprised that a whole bunch of people decided to write about him at once. Then I got to Cory Doctorow's post on Boing Boing. I am not a fan of Mr. Vonnegut's work like I am of someone like George R. R. Martin or Douglas Adams and as a Catholic I do not agree with his religious beliefs. However, I have read Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat's Cradle several times. Both books are brilliant and timeless and should be read by everyone at least once in their lives. I find myself completely entranced by the Bokonon and by Billy Pilgrim. Every time I re-read these stories I find myself time traveling back to when I was a young man, reading Mr. Vonnegut's words for the first time.

I am sure everyone has heard the urban myth commencement address falsely attributed to Mr. Vonnegut. For many that was the first and only thing they have read by this wonderful author - which is unfortunate as he had so much more to say to the world. I am happy that that particular Internet myth swept through as it reminded me of Mr. Vonnegut's work and I went back and read Cat's Cradle again.

On a weekend I was planning to read all about Carl Sagan in Skeptic and maybe finish off the latest On Spec magazine I think I might find myself back on the island of San Lorenzo.

Kurt is up in Heaven now.


Soul Link

As a warlock you should really consider having a Soul Link in your deck. This Demonology Hero Only (Radak Doombringer and Zenith Shadowforce) ability allows you to place a damage onto an ally in your party to prevent 1 damage to your hero this turn.

This can be used defensively (obviously) but also on offense. If you attack with Ya'mon then buff his attack by putting a couple of damage on him (Ya'mon has +1 Atk for each damage on him). You can buff Blood Guard Mal'wani in the same way. CArds like Arnold Flem and Vexra Darkfall can be damaged to activate thier destruction effects. If only Life tap damage could be prevented...

Overall this 4 cost ability is a pretty good card to pack in a warlock deck.

This post was posted both as a review on tNook and as a Church of the Game post.


Local World of Warcraft Sneak Preview

Recently Gamers Lair held a sneak preview sealed deck compitition for Dark Portal expansion fo the World of Warcraft the card game.

Stormtiger gives his view of the event here.

I was the judge at this event so I can't say how much fun it was to play in the event but anyoine i have talked to has mentioned that it was a great time. The only bad thing at the event was the tournament software failed after the first round so myself and the store owner had to manually pair the remaining rounds. Then after the tournament I had to manually calculate the tie breakers.
It was exciting to see the new set and watch as the players opened their packs and looked through for the card that might be a game winner. I got to see a lot of new cards as players asked me how the powers would be affected.

Through out the afternoon I was called a couple of times to rule on plays. So far I have only found two errors I made during the tournament.

1. Someone asked me the effect a card IN HIS HAND would have when he played it. I told him the card would be unaffected by an ability in play on his opponents side of the board. This was incorrect as I was NOT judging but advising the player. The correct course of action would ahve been to tell him I could not rule until he played the card.

2. The length of the effect of Korthas Greybeard's effect. "Exhaust: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to target hero or ally."

I ruled that the effect lasts until the end of turn but according to the comprehensive rules
"714.3 A continuous modifier from a link usually has a specified duration. If no duration is specified, that modifier lasts until the game ends."

Fortunately neither of theses mistakes meant the difference in a game.

Next time I hope to have a camera and do a better job of recording the experience. I the meantime stormtiger did a great job chronicling his experience.

Regionals will be back at Gamers Lair in June and weekly tournaments are held on Wednesday nights.


When you absolutely need to clean the board there are few options that work as well as a Multi-Shot. Multi-Shot is a 5 resource Hunter instant ability that deals 2 damage to up to 3 targets. Parvink, Ka'tali Stonetusk, and Warden Tonarian are all cheap protectors. But even Warden's elusive will not save them from the damage dealt by a Multi-Shot.

I like this card as a mid to late game answer to allies on the field. It clears the way for Fury to attack or it sweeps the field clean to remove threats to your hero. Either way the value of the card is difficult to overlook.

I can say without any fear of exaggeration that Multi-Shot won me a match at a regionals tournament. My opponent had brought out a Parvink from his graveyard and had the opportunity to recurse a second via a Medoc Spiritwarden (He chose to put some armor on the field instead). When my turn came I was able to remove his little gnome protector and deal an additional 2 damage to his hero. After that there was nothing he could do to stop me from using Fury or Sentry Gwynn from taking his hero out.

For a hunter deck, the value of Multi-Shot should not be overlooked.

This post was posted both as a review on tNook and as a Church of the Game post.

Arena League Football, Week 6 - Or the week I challenge a coin.

Some quick hits to post before the games starts tonight. I was horrid again last week going only 5-4 for the second straight week. Although I was close on some game that I picked wrong. THis leaves me with a 26 and 15 record for the year. My goal this week is to be better than a coin flip (heads = home team).

Columbus Destroyers(1-3) at Dallas Desperados(5-0)
Dallas continues to roll over the competition and finishes the week at 6-0.
Coin picks: Dallas

Utah Blaze(4-1) at Austin Wranglers(2-3)
The Wranglers gave the Desperados a scare last week. This week they defeat the visiting Blaze.
Coin Picks: Wranglers

Arizona Rattlers(1-4) at Los Angeles Avengers(2-2)
The Avengers give a solid performance but lose a close game to the Rattlers.
Coin Picks: Avengers

Colorado Crush(3-2) at San Jose SaberCats(3-1)
The Crush visit California and get a much needed win in San Jose.
Coin Picks: Crush

New York Dragons(1-3) at Grand Rapids Rampage(1-3)
New York wins a game, New York wins a game... I won't be able to say that very often this year so I just had to say it twice.
Coin Picks: Grand Rapids
Coin Picks: Heads

New Orleans VooDoo(2-3) at Tampa Bay Storm(0-5)
The struggling storm find a way to defeat the visiting VooDoo.
Coin Picks: VooDoo

Chicago Rush(4-1) at Nashville Kats(2-3)
I have become a believer in the Rush. I thought they were over rated earlier in the season but they will defeat the Kats.
Coin Picks: Nashville

Kansas City Brigade(2-2) at Las Vegas Gladiators(2-3)
The Gladiators will be able to handle the Brigade at hope to pull back to 500 on the year.
Coin Picks: Galdiators

Georgia Force(4-1) at Philadelphia Soul(4-0)
The Soul lose their first game to the Force.
Coin Picks: Soul

Orlando (3-2) has the bye this week.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.