Act 1 Scene 1: To Take up the Chase...

Its been a long and tiring day. You are sitting at the inn enjoying your supper when a man in a odd red robe sweeps into the common room. The man is un-naturally tall and carrying what appears to be an overgrown and frail house cat. He makes a rather grand and conspicuous entrance, taking a table near the bar and ordering for himself and the cat. Soon the spectacle is over and you all return to your meals.

The next interruption of your meal is not what you expected, the table, the entire room, even your own body seem to waver and stretch out, like reality is being molded and remade. You fear some type of attack on your sanity when as suddenly as it has begun, it is over.

You are surprised to find yourself lying on the floor, picking yourself up you see you and your friends are arranged in a circle around the strangers table (McKinley is actually draped over the table itself). The strange man is standing pointing towards the doors, yelling something, you can't quite make out. Painfully you stand up and take stock of yourself, every thing seems to be OK, you just lost some time.

Again, the strange man is yelling at you, concentrating you clear your mind and hear what he is saying for the first time.

"You have agreed to save my cat, now after them! They must not have a chance to harm her in any way! Quickly they are getting away!"

Glancing at the door, you notice for the first time that a battle was fought near the door, there is some blood on the floor and scorch marks on the doors and walls. One of the doors has been torn off its hinges and through the opening you can see two men running from the Inn, One is hobbling, both are trailing smoke.

You look at your companions, they are all picking themselves off the ground, and you look out the door. The two men are almost to the end of the block.


Cast of Characters

Anibka, human female
A slight woman. Most dismiss her as a child, or at least someone too small to be a threat. That has been a fatal mistake in the past. She is a formidable opponent, always ready to use her arts to her advantage.

Breimi, male dwarf
Short, even for a dwarf. A real wild card, no-one in the group knows much about him and he does not talk about his past. Powerfully built, Breimi is always ready to use his weapons in extremely violent ways.

Drift, male unknown
A immense being of an unknown race. Drift is a very large very strong and very dense person. He was raised by a pair of human that adopted him at a very young age. Judging from the scars the pair were not nice people.

Dupoa & Poso, female elf & symbiote
Dupoa (host) a 'normal' female elf, is slightly thinner, and apparently much stronger than her elven heritage would indicate. Dupoa is someone who knows what she wants and is willing to use what ever skills and powers available to her to get it.

Iwan, male draconian
The smallest of the draconians, he is also the only one with fully functional wings. With a four meter wing span, his smooth green body is adorns with tattoos and symbols. Those that watch closely can actually seen the lines and images move independently, as if the ink was alive. Whenever his friends are in need, he has always been ready with his formidable mental powers.

McKinley, male human
A short, but very stocky, man. His past is a seemingly open book. Both hands branded, and his left ear is docked. This is apparently what a dedicated thief looks like.

Ofriox, swarm?
What is Ofriox? As far as you can tell, Ofriox is a sentient swarm. A swarm of what? Well, if leeches had wings, that would be getting close.

Soekkiu, male draconian
The largest of the three draconians, Soekkiu lacks the wings the other draconians sport. Glistening yellow scales cover his very powerful frame. His ten centimeter claws have always been ready to defend his allies, and rend his enemies.

Vyu, female draconian
Almost drab Black scale cover the female draconian. Her wings are much smaller than Iwan's, but they still allow her to glide impressive differences. She caries herself with pride and almost radiates danger. Her skill at arms would challenge even Briemi.


Mystanamyr's Cat

I started this a while ago, planned to be a Play by Email. However I realise now I do not have the time to actually plan and execute a game. I am re-doing it as a excersise in creative writing.


Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers

I recently went through the archives of Critical Miss and read or re-read the articles that caught my eye.

Generally these guys are funny. Specifically these guys are exactly like the guys I have gamed with. I read about the classic campaigns and high fantasy games other people have played in, But I have never had that type of game. So either I am a dysfunctional gamer, and those other people are not. Or those other people are lying.

My Critical Miss Top 5
Number 5
The first article form Critical Miss I read.
The Problem With Roleplaying

Number 4
Proof that I am not the only guy that has to deal with bad material and dysfunctional players.
Critical Miss: Issue 3 (The Worst Roleplaying Game Ever Written?)

Number 3
The first time I read it, I laughed so hard I forgot how to breathe.
Jonny Does Stupid

Number 2
More proof that I am not the only guy that has to deal with bad material and dysfunctional players.
The Second Worst Scenario Ever Written
The Players Speak

Number 1:
Easily the easiest to choose. I know it looks like I am wimping out and picking a three way tie for top spot, but I am not. Any of these three articles would be in the running to be my favorite article. But I find when read in chronological order, they are even funnier (and they are all related).

How James Wallis Ruined My Character's Life
James Wallis Replies
Wolfgang's Guide To Screwing Your Fellow PCs

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