I signed up for a twitter account a few days ago. I have been following a few people via RSS for a while but I figured I would give it a try.

I am intrigued by the idea of a micro blog but I am not sure if I like it or not. I have had a tumblr account for a while but have not used it mainly because I can not get it to work from my phone. I have added twitterfox to my firefox install but will most likely remove it as it is too distracting. I get pulled away from what I am doing when I get a new twitter notification.

I wanted to use tumblr a while ago to start posting small posts with pictures but because I could not get the posts to work from my phone I just never got it started.

I am going to keep twitterfox for a two week period and then re-evaluate. I might start posting once a week in each just to see how it works.

Post Script: I think that twitter might be a good meetup tool. I post "I will be going to lunch at Bulgogi House on 83rd Ave at 12.30 pm". People I know could post "@papaganoush I will join you." I don't know how well that would work though.


The new campaign!

I am getting ready to set up for my new campaign. it is going to be a pretty lazy set up I will be using H1 pretty much out of the box. Hopfully I'll have the dates and time all set up by next week.


Starting the Players Handbook (PHB)

Okay I've gone over the H1 book and maps and I am comfortable with the content.

I will now start to digest the new Player Handbook. I am only a few pages in and I can already say I like the layout a lot better than the third edition version. I find it easier to read and the binding seems to be really well done.

I'll try to post some pics here once Blogger's latest upgrade is live.


The Fudge List... is gone

I received an email a week ago that the Fudge List was closing. I just read the post on the list closing by Carl and I have to say I think he really hit the nail on the head. Carl talks about how the list stagnated in the end.

I first found the Fudge List back in 1999 or 2000. I didn't post anything for the longest time but I really enjoyed reading the list and hearing all the different ideas on how do use Fudge to play different games. The list was a vibrant community.

In the end though I was frustrated by the conversations all taking sharp turns to the left and turning into discussions about the List rather than the game. As Carl has said maybe closing the list will lead to something new in the Fudge community. I am glad that I am part of the Fudge community. I am glad I was a member of the Fudge List. I hope that the Fudge community will burst forth from the closing of the Fudge List and become a vibrant community again.

Thanks Carl and Karen! Thanks Steffan and Ann and Rob and Fred. Thanks to all the people who shared their ideas. Thanks to all those hundreds of people who answered my questions and critiqued my ideas. Thanks to all the people who agreed with my ideas and thanks to all of those disagreed with my ideas too.

Fudge list archives


Movement in fourth edition

I like and dislike the new movement rules. I love the way they have been simplified. You can move 6 squares. Powers will allow you to move half your movement. You can "Shift" 1 square as a minor action. Certain powers will force you to run your movement +2 squares.

This is so much easier than the old systems, especially when you had several speeds. How far could you move and still attack?

So much better, but movement is listed in squares. Which leads to not only a table top representation being needed, but a table top with a grid on it. This I am not as happy with. Although I have already read a few posts online that playing with a pocket tape measure will allow the movement system to work without a grid.


Level 70!

My Druid hit level 70 in World of Warcraft this past weekend.

It was really cool and I got a sense of accomplishment from it but I have to say it was kind of anti-climatic. I was playing alone late at night and logged off once I had completed the level. I am pleased that I finally hit the max level (for now) in the game but I don't think that the time I spend in the game will really change. I am still "chasing" things but now instead of chasing XP I am chasing items and gold, lots and lots of gold - ad Motes of everything.

One thing I am really looking forward to is helping the lower level characters up the ladder to 70 as well.


And the renos begin...

Today the contractor starts work on the bathroom(s). I am looking forward to the finished product but the process of living in a construction zone is less than appealing.

We are going with a newer contractor but we looked at his work and it was very well done.

Maybe I'll figure out how to get Blogger to post pictures by the time this is finished.


Look something shiny!

I was really excited to see someone had built the new 4th Edition powers into printable cards. However, now that I am getting closer to actually playing i am thinking that although the power cards are three kinds of awesome i don't know if I want to use them.

The game is already going to be fairly reliant on a table top representation of the action, I don't want to add another aspect to the game that will reduce the game to a collectible card game (I play several CCG and TCG's I don't think they are bad but I don't want to change the RPG experience to a CCG).

maybe i'm over-reacting.


Julia Nunes


Julia Nunes rocks.

Go watch/listen to her.



A Typical Encounter

I like the layout of the new encounters. I've ready 95% of the H1: Keep on the Shadowfell adventure.

The layout for the encounters is:
Name of the Encounter
Encounter level (Expected XP)
Overview of the encounter. This includes how the encounter fits into the overall plot. Which included game aids to use. List of the enemies in the encounter. And setup for the encounter.

Features of the Area
Includes a description of the features that will affect the encounter like lighting and any features that might grant cover or concealment.

In the H1 booklet this also includes complete stat blocks for all the creatures in the encounter.

This is a breakdown of the tactics the author expects the opponents to use in the encounter.

There is also a side bar for many of the encounters that point out ways to deal with particular components of this encounter, like the lighting or whether one side of the encounter is surprised.

I have a love hate relationship with the Tactics section. I think it is a great idea but it also means that the DM can be reduced to cranking widgets. For a bought product the repetition of the monster stats in each encounter means i am getting less content for my money but I like that the monsters and opponents are all printed in the encounter where they are used. No flipping around or looking up stats during the encounter.

I am very curious if and how the layout will change for the H2 adventure.

Now that I have read through the adventure I am starting to see what Carl was talking about. There is one encounter that seems to be far higher level than the party would expect to be when the plot reaches that point.

I'll have to see how the encounter plays when we play the game next month.


Defense Values

One of my favorite additions in the fourth edition rules is the addition of multiple defense values, expanding the Armor Class and in sme ways replacing or reducing the need for a saving throw mechanic.

Before an effect would target a player and their only defense would be their armor class. This was modified to use a touch attack in the third edition and included my favorite weird wording rule the "ranged touch attack". Depending on the type of activity the target would then get a saving throw.

This sounded simple but could lead to several rolls and table lookups for a single activity.

Fourth edition simplifies this by adding three new defense types to the process. Now an attack might target the characters Armor class or target one of the new defense values Fortitude, Reflexes, or Will. So the same action will now require one role against the targets defense value. This is a small change that will greatly streamline the process while also reducing the accounting required by the DM.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a look at the new format for encounters in the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure.


Lego Indiana Jones

Just returned from Costco and picked up the new wii game Lego Indiana Jones.

As I mentioned earlier Lego Star Wars let me introduce the Star Wars universe to my daughter. Now I can share the pulp stories I love including Indy with her.

She is upstairs playing with her cousins now.

I am reminded of the stories Wil Wheaton tells about playing games with his kids. I love playing games with my daughter and these new games are opening up new stories that I can share with her as well.

Lego Star Wars and Daddy time

I recently picked up Lego Star Wars to play with my daughter. This was one of the best ideas I've had in a very long time.

This gave me the opportunity to introduce the Star Wars characters to my daughter. After playing several levels together she wanted to start her own game. I helped her set up her own and let her start the game all by herself. We still play together and I get called both to help her on the harder levels and asked to drop out of the game when I am "holding her back"

We have watched the original trilogy movies now. So far "A New Hope" is her favorite.

It have been an absolute joy for me to watch with her these movies that brought me such enjoyment nearly thirty years ago when I was her age. After playing the game - some of her comments watching the movies are truly priceless: "Why doesn't R2-D2 fly with his jets?"

I can't wait to watch the new trilogy with her.


Arena Football

Another Arena football season has ended (Congratulations to Jon Bon Jovi and the Philly Soul on taking the championship).

I was unable to watch many game though. Local coverage is almost non existent, and the league went from NBC - with almost a weekly game on local TV, to ABC - with a game on in week 1 and nothing until the arena bowl.

I tried the AFLNet program again, but the new free service never quite worked for me. I was only able to connect for a few games and the connection was not very reliable. I tried listening online to the EPSN2 radio coverage but almost every station blocked access to Canada. I tried regional radio coverage for the local teams but faced the same problems as the EPSN stations.

I asked a couple local sports establishments and they were in the same boat I was in unable to get the games on TV.

So although I really like the indoor game I will no doubt start to lose interest in the game as time moves forward and it becomes harder and harder for me to see the game live.


The fourth edition seems to really simplify the rules. The saving throw from the previous editions is gone. In its place is a new mechanic that will greatly reduce the record keeping required in the game.

Many effects will have the notation "save ends". This means that the effect lasts until the affected character rolls a successful saving throw. Unlike in previous editions the save does not take place at the time of the condition is placed on the character (whether the condition is placed by attack, ability, or other in game action). Saves always happen at the end of your turn. In place of the old "save on attack" method is different defense values that I'll talk about tomorrow.

So after you have taken all your action you get to roll a save for each condition affection your character in the order you choose. The mechanic is also greatly simplified, roll a d20 and if you roll 10 or higher you save, if you roll 9 or lower the condition stays in effect for another round.

This is going to really reduce the amount of paper work for the DM. The DM mearly has to mark teh effect on the character. At the end of the players turn if they save the effect is removed, if they fail it stays in effect. No more counting rounds, marking on whose turn the effect started (and consequently on which turn the effect will stop).

I think this is a huge improvement on the third edition save, which was a massive improvement over the classic saving throw tables from the basic and advanced D&D games.

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