Lydin's Story Part 3

continued from Lydin's Story Part 2

Day 69
We are forced to shelter in a ruined house in town. The windows are all blocked but the door is open. After that ship I doubt I will ever sleep with the door closed again. The upper floor is collapsed so we are in a huge single room.

Tugwyn and I start to prepare for the next day while the remainder of the group start to rest. Yue is going to guard us while we study. During my prayers Yue starts to wake the group, as he has spotted more of these foul creatures in the streets and heard more screaming outside. Hawber, Yue, and Gworeth watch the door and all seems to be well.

I am trying to complete my prayers but the noise is overwhelming. Hawber yells something out the door. Yue and Pandarus start to ready missiles and Gworeth comes to tell Tugwyn and myself that the creatures are approaching the door.

Hawber stands in the doorway and draws his weapon, it suddenly strikes me strange how shiny his weapon is. He is still yelling at the creatures outside. Tugwyn looks out at the creatures and starts to smile. I am starting to get the feeling he likes these monsters. I can not understand how he can not be completely revolted by them. I am still looking at Tugwyn's strange smile when I realize I have lost track of time. The creatures have reached the door and are attacking Hawber. One looks like it might get past Hawber and into the room.

Scratch has come to my side, after yesterday I have started to work with him and teach him to guard and attack. I look at the creature trying to get past Hawber and tell Scratch to attack. Scratch is afraid but the training is starting to take affect. He leaps at the creature keeping it from sliding past Hawber.

Gworeth, Yue, and Pandarus are firing their weapons over Hawber and Scratch. I am scared that one of them might hit Scratch by mistake. The creatures just keep on coming. They have completely blocked the door now. I start to look for an escape. There is none! We are trapped! I start to hear our half orc tormentors' laughter, I know he is not here but the laughter and the fear are real. I start screaming "Don't leave the room! Don't let them in!" I fear we will never be free of this trap.

Scratch is hurt. This monster has dug is boney claws into his shoulder. Scratch bolts from the door, retreating to the back of the room. I go to him and bandage his wounds, pray over his wounds, and use herbs to stop the bleeding and ease his pain.

Pandarus has stepped into the doorway to keep the monsters at bay. I move up behind Hawber to help him as he looks like he is badly hurt. I pray a blessing on Hawber to return his health and strength. Tugwyn is beside me and he is tiring quickly. Pandarus looks bad, I think the creatures have hurt him seriously. Tugwyn shoots and hits Pandarus! Pandarus falls. I leap across to help him but I stumble and fall over his body. He is conscious but he is very badly hurt. Yue drives towards the door to keep the monsters outside.

I feel the panic starting to rise again, but I swallow it and drag Pandarus over next to Scratch. I bandage his wounds and play for his spirit. As I prepare to apply herbs I hear Gworeth scream. Yue has fallen to the creatures! I rush back to help. I drag him back next to Pandarus and pray for his spirit. He seems to recover but is still unconscious.

I return to the door to assist. Tugwyn is casting spells over Hawber into the creatures in the street. There seems to be more of them that when Pandarus fell. Hawber is cleaving the monsters. Their fouls bones snap as he smashes them with his axe.

Finally we are victorious! The last of the creatures are destroyed. We remove their corpses as much as we can and we await the dawn.

Day 70
At dawn we take our fallen comrades and return to the fletcher. He says some words to each of the wounded and they are restored! I am in awe of his power. We speak of our trip across the river and our battle last night. He advises us. He and Tugwyn talks of the use of weapons and how these foul creatures are not hurt by the weapons we are using. They tell us to use smashing weapons like clubs, staves and hammers.

Fletcher takes us into his storeroom and allows us to rest and re-equip. I prey for guidance and I am able to seek weapons that have been augmented with the craft. One staff in particular draws my attention. Tugwyn tells me it has a magick aura to destroy the undead.

Each of our group selects new weapons and armor. Hammers, maces, staves and clubs. These weapons will give us the power we need to destroy our enemies and return them to death.

Day 73
We set out again into the forest.

We cross the rope bridge and start off down the same path we took recently. We are much better prepared this time. We know what to look for and what to listen for. I am still struck by how little grows here, this is a place of death. I work with Scratch showing him how to search and track. How to watch for signs. How to watch my back.

Now that we know that bows and missiles are ineffective I have taken out my sling. When we hear these abominations approaching Yue, Pandarus, and Hawber stand firm in a clearing and await our enemies. I pray over some stones as my master taught me. To my eyes they glow with power. I know these will strike true and with more force than normal. As the creatures enter the clearing I launch a magicked stone with my sling. I strike the lead creature but many are following him. I fall back and allow Yue, Pandarus, and Hawber to meet these creatures.

More creatures enter the clearing. One is huge! I launch another magicked stone at this giant. I am sure I have hit him but I see no effect. Pandarus and Yue are striking down these smaller creatures as Hawber attacks the giant. Tugwyn launched glowing sprays and fiery darts at the giant. He again has that eerie smile when observing these abominations. I have Scratch at my side, I am afraid to command him to attack.

Gworeth moves forward but can not reach the creatures.

I fire my last magicked stone at the giant, but then I wish I had kept it as I see a true horror. These creatures have a wolf-like beast that is dead and still moves. I wish I could destroy it but I can not. Scratch has left! He saw this wolf beast and ran into the trees. I do no know where he has gone.

I want to follow but Hawber has fallen! I rush to assist Hawber but as I do Gworeth steps into his place. I pull Hawber out of the battle and tend to his wounds. I apply some herbs to his wounds and get him to drink one of the potions Fletcher gave us. Hawber is up and off to defend Yue, who is standing but strangely still. It is as if he has been turning to living stone. Hawber pushes him aside to gain access to the creatures beyond him.

I stumble forward searching for Scratch when I see that Gworeth is down. The giant is starting to step over him. I bring out my staff and throw myself at the monster. I feel the impact of my blow but I feel strangely warm and cold at the same time.

I pull myself to my feet and lurch towards the fight. Scratch is no where to be seen. Hawber is again attacking the dead but not dead giant. I feel about my self and realize that I have been sorely injured but saved by someone. Gworeth is trying to help Pandarus and Yue has recovered from his comatose state.

I am a bit confused. I see Scratch beyond these monsters. He is hurt but stands over the wolf beast, seemingly triumphant. I step forward and call for a prayer of healing for Hawber. It appears he has broken open the wounds I bandaged earlier. I do not know how long I was unconscious for but much seems to have changed.

Tugwyn is still casting spell into the giant. I step forward and crush a skeletal warrior using my staff. I step up next to Yue and crush another. Finally Tugwyn's spells and Hawber's might bring down the giant. We have but one or two enemies remaining. Gworeth manages to crush one while I sweep the other from the forest floor.

Now I can check and see how we are doing. We all look tired an hurt. It has been only minutes of time but it seems like hours have passed. Scratch is bleeding again, I pause to help him with prayer and herbs. He has done well defeating this wolf abomination.

We must quickly repair and respond as the noise of the battle has most certainly awoken the forest to our presence. My mind starts to reel as I move from friend to friend checking if I can assist with their wounds. We are beaten and bloody, hurt and wounded. But we are ready again, ready again to face this evil enemy. Pandarus and Yue have gathered the remains and started to burn them. Gworeth has gathered the bits of clothing, armor and metal the things have worn.

I am glad to see the wolf monster burn. I start to hope that we can cleanse this forest and return her to growth and glory.

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