Fire, Friend or Foe

Yuegarian has some how managed to light the bridge and burn to would be assailants to ashes. He is being quite stupid because he lit the bridge from the wrong side, trapping himself, but at least he singed Hawber. While our instructions were to make sure no evil got across, I assumed that we would do so by slaying our foes, but burning the bridge is okay as well. While I am enjoying the fire show, two new wanderers show up from the direction of town but don't appear menacing until one of them casts a spell on the bridge and Gworeth attacks. The sound of steel clashing echoes thru my ears, I watch and see the other members of my party attack the two new interlopers, and with one of them engaged with Hawber, I take my shot....the voices daring me to fire with out taking time to make sure Hawber is clear, instead I try to fire fast and low....not particular about which I hit.

It ends quickly, when get ensnared by Lydin, as the whole battle was a misunderstanding and the two new foes are allies of Lex. But now I notice that we are not out of the woods just yet, for a real danger has emerged....Tugwyn has come to taunt us with his new undead minions. While we dispatch the undead Tugwyn escapes again. After this battle, Cedric appears to let us know of the battles that ragged thru the night, and that we should now advance on the cemetary and kill the evil that resides there.

We rest and then begin the long journey, tracking our way thru multiple battles until we reach the cemetary. When we arrive a trap is sprung and once again Hawber is hurt along with our new ally Adrymar. The injuries our minor but cause us to be more careful. We follow a path thru the woods and discover another trap, this one a warning mechanism. With no way to disable it, we gird ourselves for battle and press on. We are not disappointed, for the battle begins with dead creatures and living alike, giants, wolfves and men. We dispatch the giants (I myself take one down in hand to hand combat, despite no help from our new mage.....he is busy protecting the cowards in the back), the wolves are scarred off and the archers are slaughtered. During the fierce battle the coward Tugwyn emerges once again to taunt us, but seeing our inevitible victory runs away yet again with his tail between his legs. Although the undead wolves are an abomination against nature, Tugwyn's cowardice and traitorous behaviour have the voices and myself agreeing.....TUGWYN MUST DIE.

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