Wrapping Fudge results beyond Legendary

After my last post (on dice pools, linking attributes to skills and keeping results inside the adjective ladder) I was talking to a friend about Rolemaster. Rolemaster (version 2) to hit rolls allowed the characters to "wrap around". This meant that a very high roll could result in two, three, or even four hit results and critcals.

I am now wondering if this would be helpful or hurtful for Fudge. To keep the results in the adjective ladder you could wrap very high rolls.

Given a task that has a Good target and a rolled result of Legendary+7. To wrap the result you take Legendary result and look at the remainder subtract 4 from the remainder to convert to a adjective. In this case Superb. So the resolution would be a Legendary result AND a Superb result. Two successes!

There is far too much math in this for my tastes but I am going to keep working on this to refine the idea.

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