Local World of Warcraft Sneak Preview

Recently Gamers Lair held a sneak preview sealed deck compitition for Dark Portal expansion fo the World of Warcraft the card game.

Stormtiger gives his view of the event here.

I was the judge at this event so I can't say how much fun it was to play in the event but anyoine i have talked to has mentioned that it was a great time. The only bad thing at the event was the tournament software failed after the first round so myself and the store owner had to manually pair the remaining rounds. Then after the tournament I had to manually calculate the tie breakers.
It was exciting to see the new set and watch as the players opened their packs and looked through for the card that might be a game winner. I got to see a lot of new cards as players asked me how the powers would be affected.

Through out the afternoon I was called a couple of times to rule on plays. So far I have only found two errors I made during the tournament.

1. Someone asked me the effect a card IN HIS HAND would have when he played it. I told him the card would be unaffected by an ability in play on his opponents side of the board. This was incorrect as I was NOT judging but advising the player. The correct course of action would ahve been to tell him I could not rule until he played the card.

2. The length of the effect of Korthas Greybeard's effect. "Exhaust: Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt to target hero or ally."

I ruled that the effect lasts until the end of turn but according to the comprehensive rules
"714.3 A continuous modifier from a link usually has a specified duration. If no duration is specified, that modifier lasts until the game ends."

Fortunately neither of theses mistakes meant the difference in a game.

Next time I hope to have a camera and do a better job of recording the experience. I the meantime stormtiger did a great job chronicling his experience.

Regionals will be back at Gamers Lair in June and weekly tournaments are held on Wednesday nights.

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