Act 1 Scene 1: To Take up the Chase...

Its been a long and tiring day. You are sitting at the inn enjoying your supper when a man in a odd red robe sweeps into the common room. The man is un-naturally tall and carrying what appears to be an overgrown and frail house cat. He makes a rather grand and conspicuous entrance, taking a table near the bar and ordering for himself and the cat. Soon the spectacle is over and you all return to your meals.

The next interruption of your meal is not what you expected, the table, the entire room, even your own body seem to waver and stretch out, like reality is being molded and remade. You fear some type of attack on your sanity when as suddenly as it has begun, it is over.

You are surprised to find yourself lying on the floor, picking yourself up you see you and your friends are arranged in a circle around the strangers table (McKinley is actually draped over the table itself). The strange man is standing pointing towards the doors, yelling something, you can't quite make out. Painfully you stand up and take stock of yourself, every thing seems to be OK, you just lost some time.

Again, the strange man is yelling at you, concentrating you clear your mind and hear what he is saying for the first time.

"You have agreed to save my cat, now after them! They must not have a chance to harm her in any way! Quickly they are getting away!"

Glancing at the door, you notice for the first time that a battle was fought near the door, there is some blood on the floor and scorch marks on the doors and walls. One of the doors has been torn off its hinges and through the opening you can see two men running from the Inn, One is hobbling, both are trailing smoke.

You look at your companions, they are all picking themselves off the ground, and you look out the door. The two men are almost to the end of the block.

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