Act 1 Scene 3: The Chase Begins

The Cats owner smiles at Ofriox and says "You poor misunderstood creature, I am who I am, and you have signed a pact with me to save my cat. I would recommend you honour your agreements with Mystanmyr!"

Drift, Vyu and Soekkiu reach the end of the street just moments ahead of McKinley and Anibka. The pair has disappeared into the crowd on the side street leading to one of the towns main market plazas. Iwan is perched on a second floor balcony and is pointing towards a window across the street yelling "One of them went in that window!" With that he flaps his wings and heads down the side street towards the market. "The other one went this way!"

Vyu and Soekkiu start sprinting down the crowded side street. The knock over many locals in an effort to keep up with Iwan. Briemi reaches the corner, he just catches Vyu as he disappears into the crowd. Anibka and McKinley are looking at a street level window. Drift is staring blankly at the dwarf as he approaches the trio.

Briemi is about to ask what is going on when several of the green and brown armoured city watch start pushing their way through the crowds. McKinley curses under his breath and dives in through the window. "It's Clear! Quick get every one inside." He calls from inside.

McKinley is next through the window, followed by Drift. Anibka drops into the room and tells the group "Ofriox just arrived, he is running interference with the watch, but I don't know how much time it will buy us." She peers back trough the window, grimacing. "I don't give two flying farts about that cat, but those two will answer for the damage to my bar before they answer to the watch."

As she speaks Drift starts to leave the room, slowly plodding down the hall outside. Briemi reminds Anibka, "It's my bar too. " He motions to the hall and says "we better not let Drift get too far ahead. "

After the dwarf and Anibka leave McKinley pauses to watch the city watch as they try to deal with Ofriox. A small group of Ofriox's mass breaks off and heads to wards the city market, another flies into the room as McKinley watches. "I thought you'd never join us, lets get moving." Shutting the window and throwing the lock closed McKinley and a small bit of Ofriox head down the hall way after Drift, Briemi and Anibka.

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