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I am looking at some different dice options for my upcoming super hero game. I think I am going to give each person a 8 dice pool. The pools will consist of: 4 regular dice and 4 super dice. The regular dice can be used at any time, the super dice can only be used to augment or defend from a super powered action.

These dice could be added to a roll or could be used in place of a wound. I think allowing for the super dice to absorb wounds is a little powerful but it would allow a player to play a character with no super powers and still survive a battle with a super villain.

These dice will give normal power characters a way of augmenting their abilities without spending fudge points for every action. These dice would not refresh automatically though, some event (rest or healing for example) would be required to recover these dice.

I am not sure how this will work out but I am looking forward to trying it out.

I am also looking at using "wild cards" as a means of character development. I am going to try the FATE game system ( but I am going to allow for on the fly character generation. At points along the way the players will draw cards, and anyone who draws a wild card can gain a super power, everyone else gains a regular aspect. Super powers will be treated like an aspect except: super powers get 4 skills and 2 stunt points rather than four skills points. The skill points must all be spent on skills directly related to the super power. Stunt points can be spent on stunts for the super power. Skill points can also be used to buy stunts.

So the aspect City Cop could gain the skills: observation, firearms, driving, and kowledge:law. The super power Ice Creation(Heroic Scale) could gain the skills: Shield, Sled, Sword, Bolt (with 2 stunts), it could not gain the skills firearms, or driving.

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