Lydin's Story Part 6

Continued from Lydin's Story Part 5

Day 86
It seems like it has been forever since I have been able to rest. It seems the days just blend together into one long nightmare. Each day is a constant battle from wake until sleep to fight and destroy these creatures.

We have lost Lex and Slee... I do not remember when. I can barely remember anything. I can scarcely remember the last time we left the safety of town. We fought our way throughout the woods to a cave. Then battled through the caves to here.

I am surely going mad. I have even dreamed of fighting myself. The walls seems to close in on me at night and the air becomes thick with death during the day. I tire of battle, I tire of death, I am sick of killing.

Day 87
Finally a day without the constant pressure from the undead. We have found Lex. He is badly injured. We find a sanctuary we can rest in. I feel strange. New forces are at work here that I do not understand. I feel the awakening of powers within me that I do not understand.

I can no longer fully trust my companions. Especially Gworeth. Hawber has sworn never to harm Scratch again but can I trust him? Even Scratch seems strange. He no longer seems to answer my call when I need him. If I can not trust Scratch who can I trust. Andarymar openly mocks me and Pandarus seems distant to me. Are these my friends or my foes...

I try to sleep but I can not sleep without worry form these thieves and cowards. I feel a burning in my soul that will not go out. Finally I feel the release of sleep taking over but will I awake the same man?

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