Jonny Nexus Compilation

45 pages, 43 pages content, 1 title page, 1 Advertisement and license page

The Articles:

  • Confessions of a Session Amnesiac (Jonny admits to being a session amnesiac, absolute gold and the best article in the collection)
  • Taking Santa Down
  • I think My Game Master Hates Me (I think my game master hates me too, excellent article)
  • You Want to Play a What?
  • Planning - How Not To Do It
  • Dealing With Dumbo (This article is brilliant, I have already tried the techniques in this article to mess with my fellow gamers)
  • Alas Poor Edas, We Knew Him
  • Are You Sure It Happened Like That? (Not my favorite)
  • Say What>?
  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dying (Part 1)
  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dying (Part 2)
  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dying (Part 3)
  • The Quintessential Cheat (Long and complex method of making a uber-character, I did not find this one funny at all)
  • They're Not Like Us, Adventurers
All the articles are good. I particularly liked "Confessions of a Session Amnesiac" and all three "The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dying". These got me laughing out loud. They reminded me of the days when I first stumbled onto Critical Miss and spent hours reading the articles, laughing alone on my cubicle at work. I kept expecting the articles to include a reference to BogBoy, Bubba, or TAFKAC. I also had to admit that I identified with these articles because I identified with the content. I could see the people I play with in the articles (and if I were totally honest I would admit I saw myself in the articles as well).

Of all the articles I liked "Are You Sure It Happened Like That?" and "The Quintessential Cheat" the least. I am sure there are people out there that will tell me that that those articles are the best. These articles were not bad, they just were not my favorites.

This rocks becasue...

For those people (like me) that miss the old Critical Miss this is an excellent package of articles form Jonny Nexus. Many of the articles would fit right into an issue of Critical Miss. I laughed out loud while reading several of the articles, they are not all gold but I am sure that others will like what I did not and dislike the articles I liked. The bottom line is that the articles are top notch and if you like Jonny's writing this is a great package for you.

This sucks because...

The articles are ripped directly from the Signs and Portents Magazine. No effort was made to make the articles look alike. There is no table of contents, page numbers are the pages from the original magazine pages. The PDF is also not printer friendly with a lot of images and background textures. One article is even white text on black background. My printer actually whimpered as I printed out, all that ink lost forever.

You should buy this because...

You miss Jonny's writing or you are looking for some top notch role playing humour.

Final Thoughts

The only thing that would make the Jonny Nexus Compilation better would be making some layout changes. Taking the articles and giving them a new layout would have probably made the package much more expensive though. Even removing the background images to make printing the articles would have been a great improvement.

As of Jan 5, 2006 the Jonny Nexus Compilation is listed as "Not Validated For Sale" at RPGNow

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