Another Progress Report

An update on Intrigue!

I have scrapped both the maps and I am looking into copyright issues for the use of the new bitmap symbols in Campaign Cartographer 3. Because of these questions I will most likely end up scrapping all the work on the maps and start them again from scratch using Campaign Cartographer 2 or using Campaign Cartographer 3 without the bitmap symbols.

I also pulled all the text out of WikidPad and put it into Writely. Writely is Google's new word processor and it seems to work really well. It also allows me to share the document for reviews and collaboration.

The biggest progress has been on the major characters for one of the two towns - I have identified 40 major citizens that will be detailed in the module. I am still trying to determine what format these writeups will be in. So far my total is 1100 of 10000 words(about 11% done).

My self imposed deadline is still Oct 1, 2006 but I am starting to think that I may need to extend my own deadline to Nov 1, 2006.

11% complete

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