The Fudge List... is gone

I received an email a week ago that the Fudge List was closing. I just read the post on the list closing by Carl and I have to say I think he really hit the nail on the head. Carl talks about how the list stagnated in the end.

I first found the Fudge List back in 1999 or 2000. I didn't post anything for the longest time but I really enjoyed reading the list and hearing all the different ideas on how do use Fudge to play different games. The list was a vibrant community.

In the end though I was frustrated by the conversations all taking sharp turns to the left and turning into discussions about the List rather than the game. As Carl has said maybe closing the list will lead to something new in the Fudge community. I am glad that I am part of the Fudge community. I am glad I was a member of the Fudge List. I hope that the Fudge community will burst forth from the closing of the Fudge List and become a vibrant community again.

Thanks Carl and Karen! Thanks Steffan and Ann and Rob and Fred. Thanks to all the people who shared their ideas. Thanks to all those hundreds of people who answered my questions and critiqued my ideas. Thanks to all the people who agreed with my ideas and thanks to all of those disagreed with my ideas too.

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