Dream State

I left home at the young age of 116 because the forests no longer held an interest for me but I found that making my way in the world of men and other races wasn't quite as easy as I thought.

My father would be ashamed but I have found that my natural abilities have given me an aptitude as a thief, something spotted by my mentor Jaxtor. For a time I have found a companion in this lonely city in the way of a gnome with a quick wit and even quicker hands. He is a good little fellow, given to laughter and we really only take from those who can afford it and deserve it.

Months have passed while Jaxtor and I have done our best to take what we can, use what we take and give away what we can't. I couldn't have imagined that my life could be this fun and rewarding at the same time as there are many children living as urchins on the streets, I'm glad I can help them even a little.

I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or if this is a nightmare. Foul beasts, the likes I have never known, broke into the small warehouse I've shared with Jaxtor and some of the children for the past couple of years. Why am I bound?? The children's screams are terrible as they are cut down like wheat and one of the creatures threw something towards me... small and round and wet! ... His laughter is cruel, where is Jaxtor?

A few of us have been dragged away to a ship and we set sail and time has flowed like water, mixing with blood and pain. I don't like this dream/nightmare ... why can't I wake up?

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