The meeting Place

The shack that was on the edge of town was one room shack, previously a guard shack. There was nothing left in the shack, but garbage and all the windows were board it up. The group caught into there nightly routine pretty quick, mainly because they were tried. The Hawber was to take the first shift. Lydin and Tugwyn, start their nightly ritual of praying and studying respectily. About half into his watch, Hawber spots a creature roaming around carry what like a person over its shoulder. He wakes up rest of the party, he got his wish a reason to wake everybody up (he did like being alone, a fact he would fiercely deny). The creature had not notice them and were slowly moving away, but the dwarf need to show how mucho he was 9 he has a couple of issues). He felt ashamed that he actually ran from a battle, his father or brother would never run way). So he shouts out to the creature, "Come here you wimp." That turn around the creature, and they immediately spot the dwarf standing there, dropping the body and they started towards Hawber.

The creature was not alone; it had two skeleton guards with him. Lydin loses his cool and starts yelling at Hawber demanding to know why he done that. The two skeletons get their first and start attacking. The Dwarf and Yue block the doorway, with the rest of the party fell in behind them. Lydin forces Scratch to take up a position near Yue, with Lydin himself sticking close to his cat. The battle start with Yue and Hawber both taking multiply hits. The only saving grace for the party is the creature is block by the skeleton and cannot get a full attack in. Paradarus and Gweryth came up great idea during this battle, which is to light a lantern and thrown it behind the skeleton and hit the creature. . It took a couple of try before the got the lantern lit and at the last minute Gweryth comes to his senses and stop Paradarus from thrown the lantern. Gweryth realized it would be like a beacon to the once dead creatures after them.

Scratch gets hits and run away from the battle causing Lydin to leave his post to attend the cat?s wound, the battle keeps getting worst. Gweryth hit Yue in the head with an arrow while trying to shoot the once dead creatures and Yue is down. Paradarus steps up into the battle engaging the remaining skeleton.

The dwarf took out another skeleton and now was engage with the creature. The creature had hit Hawber a couple of times and it seems that each hit was during little physical damage but was causing the wounds of some mental distress for Hawber. But The Dwarf was holding his zone for now.

Lydin tries to help his felled comrade but end up falling on top of him. Two more skeletons appeared with scimitars ready to join the battle. They were attracted to the yelling from before. The come up one engaging Paradarus and the other one trying to engaged the dwarf. The dwarf was clearing house he took out he creature and was ready for the skeleton Tugygen was in entangled by the look of these creatures. He found the creatures were beautiful. And while trying to fight them his mind was elsewhere. He was firing a bolt he misses and accidentally hits Paradarus and he was down. Or was it? Could he actually prefer these once dead creatures over his party members? Lydin managed the cure Yue enough of his wounds and so he was able to join in the fight. That was the turn point in the fight. Yue getting back into the battle and take his original spot. Lydin was turning into a nurse taking care of the wound it, but the alternatives were deadly.

They managed to manage quickly get kill again the skeleton after that. It was over for now. Lydin was still pissed at Hawber and orders him to clear up the miss. The dwarf listens to Lydin starting to assume a leadership role, or was he lucky that Hawber did not see the command the way as he see a happy face.

The rest of the night the party did not sleep well except for Paradarus. Who had not wakened up since his fall in battle. Lydin was sure he would wake up!
Has soon as there was light after the Fletcher house the party goes. Two minutes after leaving the shack they run into their buddy from yesterday. He looks at them kinda puzzled and says you are a You last it longer then the rest. But it does it matter, you going to die". From that moment on the party referred to him has the prophets. And maybe they were in over their heads.

They make it to the Flechters house in relatively quick time, and when the Fletcher answers the door he notices that Paradarus is down. He runs out and mummers some wounds and lays it hand on him not once but twice and is on his feet looking better then he ever did.
Once inside the party relays to me the night happens, the Fletcher did not look shock.

"I was afraid of that ", he said." Do you have any experience fighting the undead besides last night"? The party answered in unison no.

"Well" the Fletcher says "let me tell you what I know about the undead. Use must blunt weapons against them and the creature that like a man was a vampire and they are very dangerous creatures". He spends the next hour lecture the party on fight the undead with specially emphasis on the vampire. Tugygn listen to this had to suppress and couple smiles and almost giggled one. Then he takes them into a secret room and tells them there are weapons here that are especially made to fight the undead. You can take anything in this room to help you on your quest. Nobody ever question him on where the weapons can from or why he had such a large cache of weapons.

In this room there was a weapon rack the length of the room and on the opposite side there was bookcase full of books mostly on how to fight the undead. There was another bookcase that was filled with potions on the near wall and in the center of the room was a small laboratory. The party stay there awhile to makes sure they had the best weapon and potion to aid them. They were ready to fight the undead, or so they thought. They were in for a very rude awaking.

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