World background:
The main campaign area is the Mysa plain. This is known as the land of five rivers. Several rivers including five main tributaries (Kordick, Thysel, White, Anryhl, and Bhod) run south across this plain and join the mighty grey river. In the north of the plain is the Thistle Wood, an old growth forest the borders the Lyrod Mountains. To the west lies the old kingdoms. South of the Grey River is a wilderness that is not mapped or visited except by the heartiest of adventurers. The Grey river runs east to the Sun Source Sea.

This is a harsh place. Orcs raid deep into the plain, warring factions and city states are everywhere. Your skills are what are going to make you rise from the mundane and become an adventurer.

In game terms:
This is a world similar in size to the earth, the area of Mysa is about the size and climate of the American Midwest. The game offers several base races: Dwarves, Elves, Gnome, Gryx, Halfling, and Human. Humans are the dominant race comprising of between 73% of the population of the area. Dwarves and Elves are 8% each, Halflings comprise 5%, Gnomes a mere 3%, various cross and half breeds 2%, and the bestial Gryx* only 1%.

* Gryx: a large, hairy, somewhat bestial biped. Very scholarly culture. Think of Robert Jordan's Ogier.

HARP has several professions similar to Dungeon and Dragon's classes.
spell casters -
Cleric, Mage, Harper

warriors -
Fighter, Monk

semi-spell casters -
Ranger, Warrior Mage

other -
Rogue, Thief
a note on spell casting, I am only 50% through the rules and this is the area where I will be making some changes. If you want top play a spell caster I need you to be willing to allow for some changes. The first change is allowing spell casters to use armor WITHOUT penalty. There are others contact me if you want more information.

And As is the case for almost all my worlds:
COMBAT IS DANGEROUS - think before you attack, you can die.
Magic is abundant, for you and your enemies.
Magic is potent.
There are no snakes, several mammalian type creatures have taken there ecological place.
The rules are mutable. I will make changes to the rules and I will ask your opinion and assistance in this.

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