Back to the woods

The sun was well in the sky, when they left the Fletcher's house. Their mood was almost jovial. They have new weapons designed to fight the undead, the party of ex- slaves were feeling safe. He did not care or know that it was a false sense of security. They were off with a skip in their steps. Their memories of the two nights ago are dull and pushed back to the furthest reaches of their minds. Were the party over overconfident? Only time knew.

The band of ex-slaves traveled along high river banks towards the bridge that crossed the river. By the groove made into the rock this was an ancient river, which was quite powerful at one time. Now it was a slow moving river had hinted at it previous glory days. It would have been a beautiful scene if the "Band of ex-slaves", had taken the time to enjoy it. The sun was high in the sky, causing the river to reflect back the sun rays, giving the river a bluish haze. Making the river almost seemed alive.

Hawber was spending his time looking at himself, try to convinces himself it was o.k. to be bald. I am a rebel dwarf, I do not need hair I am quite the sexy dwarf. Still he wonder why he as still a virgin. Must be women are afraid of a dwarf who is so sexy. Lydin was traveling the grasslands with Screech and Scratches. Pandarus was having a discussion with Pandarus about what to do about those talking voices. Gworeth is daydreaming about his old master, what fun they had playing pranks on each other. Yue was dreaming about running in a dew soak meadow, naked.

Everybody was to busy daydreaming to see the look of uneasiness in Tugwyn's face. He was not in a happy place. He was in emotional turmoil. He as utterly confused and ashamed about his feelings towards the undead. The undead we calling him, he could not resisted anymore. He was not sure it wants it to. These were his friends, well all except Hawber, but still they shared a common bond. He could not turn his back on them, but the undead. That were he belonged. If I could just talk to someone, maybe Lydin, but how would he feel now since Lydin has found faith. I am alone among friends; no, we are going to my friends. I am losing no - I am finding myself, yes my friends I am coming; tell me went the time is right HEEEEEE.

The "Band of Ex-slaves" marched on, to the bridge, over the bridge, to the forest. , stopping just short of the forest edge. Everyone had a skirmish grin on their face, except Tugwyn, who had beads of sweat rolling down side of his face. Paradarus got a little suspense of everyone smiling, could they hear what he hear? What did they know? Why haven't they told me? Wait, I can make them tell me.

All daydreaming stopped at the sight of forest. A cone of silent was placed over the Group; it was Tugwyn's turn to smile. It was time, for Tugwyn to faces his destiny and take what was rightfully his.

The "Band o f Ex-slaves" begin there search for death, by marching to the forest during daylight. They had enough smarts or luck to keep searching during the day. Nobody knew or talk about what they were looking for. They just searched, hoping to find something, and death itself would come out to play.

Lydin was working with Scratch to track these undead creatures, but Scratch was all ready the trail. Scratch was taking them to a clearing where these unnatural breast would cross there path. Every inch of Scratches being hate it these creature.

Walking threw the small clearing in the forest, the forest comes becomes undead. Creatures of the night came pouring out of the bush. Lydin was quick on his feet fire a magical stone he had prepared earlier, which was always true to it target. Then, the fighters step up and took the lead; Yue, Hawber, and Paradarus , with the rest of the party falling in behind.

The undead creature varied in size and type. Some have meat on there bones and other just bones. One of the skeletons was huge. Twice or three time the normal size of a human. There was also a four legged skeleton beast, which might have been a wolf before.

Hawber and the Giant skeleton square in a dance for life and Scratch becomes total enraged at seeing the abomination of nature and ignore his companion and takes off towards this creature. Tugwyn from the rear fire magically lights at the Giant to help Hawber, but he is in aw. Yue and Paradarus each are fighting multiply enemies try to hold the line.

Paradarus and Yue are managing to take care of a couple of creature, but there are so many. Hawber got a couple of hit on the giant, before the giant managed to hit him - a couple of times form the giant and Hawber is knocked down. He is mortally wounds it. Lydin rushes to his aid and Gworeth seeing the situation step into Hawber places.

Scratch breaks out of the tree to fight the undead wolf, Lydin was thinking quickly, he bandages Hawber and then he gives Hawber one of his special potion they got from the Fletcher place.

Yue falls in battles, Lydin is a busy person. But Yue managed to take out a couple of creature and Paradarus is doing well, but he is wonder why the voice have not spoken?

Gworeth steps into battle,"punt" Gworeth falls in battle. He is nothing more then a speed bump to the giant skeleton, but it was enough of a bump to allow Hawber to back to his feet and Paradarus to step into battle with the Giant.

Hawber as takes on a couple of the undead creature to the left of the Giant. Lydin manages to get Yue back to his feet, but down goes Paradarus. Lydin was on his way. The giant Skeleton is killing them. The party has to take the giant out. Tugwyn is preparing a spell watching Yue his jail mate go down bought some humanity to him. These creatures are trying to kill my friends

Hawber seeing Paradarus fall and wants to redeem him, disengages the creatures he was facing to fight the giant. Yue step into Hawber places to fight the creatures he was facings. Paradarus is back on his feet. Those potion has keep the party alive to this point

Scratch is victories over the skeleton wolf, taken only minor damage. He is onto his next target. Now Scratches natural instinct has taken over and he wants to rid the world of unnatural, fowl tasting abomination.

Hawber and Tugwyn engages the giant, Hawber hand to hand and Tugwyn with magic, down fall the mighty creature. The remaining creature were easy work after that.

The party looks like dead warm over, but not dead or undead. It was a hard fought battle but the "Bands of Ex-slaves" were victories. They almost die, but Lydin loses this memory very quickly. To the rest of party it was sobering experience.

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