The forest is quiet exceptfor the heavy breathing from Lex. The last round battle with the undead was long and hard. He hasn't got idea what happens to his brothers. They got separated during the fury of the last battle. Lex's companions are not relative through a blood line but by cause, to rid the world of the living dead.

Lex took on the cause at an every young age, of seven, when he watched his parents get kill by a couple of zombies. His parents were simple folk living a simple live. They had a small farm where they raised some livestock and vegetables.

During that faithful night, Lex had just finished washing up for supper and was waiting at the kitchen table with his father discussion the Minnie the cow and how she could give birth any day now. The Zombies came crashing in from all sides. Two zombies crashed through the kitchen window and the rest broke down the porch door just of the kitchen. The family had no chance, a skilled fighter would have little, but Lex senior was fast on to his feet grabbing his son, opening the latch door under the table and closing it. Then he heard the two distinct sounds, which will haunt him for the rest of his live thump, thump. His family was gone in an instinct.

Lex was found crying the next day still in is hiding placing, by two priest. The priest has heard there was trouble in the area and came to investigate. The two priests instantly took a likely to the sad seven year and one of the priests became surrogate father to the boy and the priest's order become his family.

The first few days after that dreadful night, it seems like a one long nightmare to Lex. That all changed on the third when the priests took Lex with them on one of there hunting trips. Lex was so happy he saw his parents, but they were not his parents. They did not know him. The priest has brought Lex to kill his parent corpse. It was the hardest thing he ever had to do.

The two priests held his parent's corpses and gave Lex an axe. While tears rooled downs his faces Lex killed his parent's corpse by chopping of their head and pouring holy water over them. Lex understood the priest reason for doing what they did, but he has never slept the same since. His dreams are haunted by his parent's corpses.

Omgen the Priest, who became Lex's surrogate father, taught Lex everything he could about the order. The order name "Church against the Undead" was given to the order by the pleasant they helped. In the beginning, the church was a couple of priest who were brothers dedicated their lives to fighting their undead. Those two brother helped many common folk fight the undead and was start it to get a loyal following who called the two brothers the Church against the undead. When "Kildren" a god appear and took up the cause of the priest, the religion was born and Kildren become Known has Kildren the God against the darkness.

Omgen talks about power of the church and explained many of the things that was done through the Power of Kildren. Many sound it like the tale tells, but Lex could recite them all.

Omgen want it Lex to be a Priest, but Lex had to much angry inside of him to be a priest. But Lex found away to make Omgen proud, he start it the first order of paladin's "Knight against the undead" for the Church. Kildren gave his blessing to the "Knight against the Undead" and Lex was able to take up a noble cause, while being true to the Order.

Every ten year the church held a meeting for all member of the church to come. The senior priest set up portals for those priests who were to far away to travel by horse. If a priest from a certain church didn't appear or send word an embassy was sent to see what was wrong. It was been along time since anybody has heard word form Elderage the head priest in this area. Elderage was one of the more powerful priests in the order if not the most powerful priest. He held a seat in the high council in this land, and the King was a trusted ally of his.

Lex volunteered to lead a small party to go see what happen. Originally the party was of five, but after the last battle he stood alone in the forest clearing. There would be time to mourn later. Sounds of battle ring out in the forest. Fight on my brothers, fight on I am coming.

Lex was running

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